NOTE*We follow Fauquier County Public Schools Inclement Weather Schedule.


Head Start registration for 2020-2021 school year is ongoing. Please contact Mildred Washington at 540-347-7000 and leave her a message and she will get back to you.  Or feel free to email her at MWASHINGTON@CWCAP.ORG

February 2022:

February 2, 2022:  Groundhog Day

February 8, 2022:  Policy Council Meeting @ 6:00pm

February 10, 2022: Board of Directors Meeting @ 4:30pm

February 14, 2022:  Valentines Day

February 21, 2022:  No School Presidents Day


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Diversity Celebration
Diversity Celebration

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August 2021                             

August 10, 2021-Policy Council Meeting                                              August 12, 2021-Board of Directors Meeting

August 9-10            Classroom Set-up/Meet the Teacher                     August 11                First Day of School                                                 


September 2021

September 6           HOLIDAY/LABOR DAY                                               September 14, 2021-Policy Council Meeting

September 8, 2021-Board of Directors Meeting                                        September 20         Half Day of School                                                  September 27, 2021-45 day Sensory Screening                                                                  

October 2021                                         

October 11              Professional Learning                                             October 12, 2021-Policy Council Meeting

October 14, 2021-Board of Directors                                                      October 30, 2021-Training for both boards

November 2021

November 1            Half Day-Parent Teacher Conferences                   November 9, 2021-Policy Council Meeting           

November 2            Election Day/Mental Wellness Day                        November 11, 2021-Board of Directors Meeting

November 24-26    THANKSGIVING DAY HOLDAY                               November 15, 2021-90 Day screenings completed


December 2021

December 14, 2021-Policy Council Meeting                                          December 20-31     Winter Break                                                             December 9, 2021-Board of Directors Meeting                                     December 15, 2021-First Home Visits Completed

January 2022

January 1-4             Winter Break Continued for children                    January 11, 2022-Policy Council Meeting

January 3-4             Teacher’s Work Days                                            January 13, 2022-Board of Directors Meeting

January 5                 Children return to school                                     January 17, 2022-HOLIDAY/ML KING’S BIRTHDAY


February 2022

February 21, 2022 HOLIDAY/PRESIDENT DAY                                    February 8, 2022-Policy Council Meeting

February 10, 2022-Board of Directors Meeting

March 2022

March 14                 Half Day of School/TWD                                         March 8, 2022-Policy Council Meeting

March 10, 2022-Board of Directors Meeting


April 2022

April 11-18              Spring Break                                                           April 12, 2022-Policy Council Meeting

April 14, 2022-Board of Directors Meeting


May 2022

May 11                    Possible Last Day of School for children                May 10, 2022-Policy Council Meeting

                                                (170 days)                                               May 12, 2022-Board of Directors Meeting

May 16-27               Summer Enrichment Program


 Before last day of school-2nd round of home visits due

**This calendar is subject to change due to miss time from inclement weather to ensure children are in their schedule time; 170 days.